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KGP Motorsport is based in the north west of Ireland in Co. Donegal. We offer a wide range of services including engine building and rebuilding, ecu remapping, carburetor tuning and we also stock a wide range of high performance parts for resale.

Onsite we have a 2wd Sun-RAM 12 rolling road with TAT software system. Capable of up to 500bhp. This allows us to offer a ecu re-mapping service which we can perform on most stand alone ECU’s, such as DTA, OMEX, MBE, Pectel, Hondata, SX Tune, AEM, Apex, Emerald as well as many more.

Along with our 2wd rolling road we also have a Land & Sea engine dyno. This allows us to perform wide range of services to an engine including ecu remapping, engine running, performance analysis etc without having the car present.

We also stock a wide range of parts including ECU’s, throttle bodies, weber carburetor parts, engine sensors, pistons, con rods, cam shafts along with most other engine internals.

Please visit our online shop to see up to date stock or alternatively you can get in contact with us by email kgpmotorsport@gmail.com for prices or if you require any other information.